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How will a themed space help you?

A themed space offers something special and inviting to a small child, making them feel like they are part of the story book they read the night before climbing into bed. A themed space benefits many businesses. Imagine a pediatric dental clinic offering children a space themed like their favourite cartoon. This creates a welcoming environment for children, and tells them that it’s fun to go get their teeth cleaned. The message comes through because someone took the time to think of what it is like from the child’s perspective. This creates a more relaxed and less threatening experience, while decreasing the stress and anxiety of both parent and child.

What are Themed Spaces?

A themed space breaks through time and communication barriers, affecting people of any age by temporarily whisking them into a new reality. This is accomplished by immersing their senses in a fictional environment, instantly placing them somewhere else entirely in that moment. Themed spaces combine the artist’s visual imagery with elements of print, color, textures, lighting, sound, 2 or 3-Dimensional sculpts to create a scene that “pulls” or “draws” a person into another time or era. Themed spaces take people on a fantastical, dreamlike journey.